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5k Finisher Medal

All 5k Early Bird & Pre-Register participants will receive an official Saveavet medal to commemorate their participation in this historic event. 

The medal is designed in remembrance of fallen Navy Veteran & former Saveavet board member Thaddeus James Hupp. 

TJ, a Navy Veteran passed away at the age of 32 on February 18, 2015.

Thad touched countless lives serving 2 tours overseas and volunteering his time as the Director of Business Affairs with the Saveavet organization. 

Father Thaddeus, you are missed daily and will never be forgotten. 01/13/1983 - 02/12/2015

NIU Rugby team helps man

tj saveavet
Thaddeus Hupp
tj 3
tj navy
tj navy 2
tj 4
tj 2
TJ Hupp

The NIU Rugby team helped a man who had collapsed on Oct. 16, according to

The rugby team was preparing for their next game and doing drills when they noticed a man walking his dog outside of the practice field had collapsed. The rugby team immediately went by his side. Rugby team member Pat Caulfield was the first at the scene, said Thaddeus Hupp, in an email.

The man was not responsive and didn’t appear to be breathing, according to

Thaddeus Hupp performed CPR on the man until emergency personnel arrived. According to, Hupp said he had an immediate reaction to the situation and knew CPR from being in the Navy.

The rugby team had visited the man’s house to alert the family of what happened. Other members of the team called 911 and tried to contact police in person, according to Hupp said the whole rugby team sprang into action and played a huge role in saving the man’s life, according to

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