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Frequently Asked Questions. 

For an event to be considered a fundraiser, a minimum of 15% of the proceeds must be donated to the charity(s) listed in the advertising. Unknown to many people, a majority of the big "fundraiser" 5k's in the area are actually run by for profit companies that majority of the time only donate the bare minimum of 15% to the charity. This includes sponsorship money. That's right, if a company sponsors one of those charity runs for $50,000, typically only $7,500 goes to the charity and the rest is profit. Because of this those companies tend to have deeper pockets and can do more than we can. 


Here 100% of the proceeds are donated to Saveavet. Because of this we cant afford to do things a lot of the bigger 5k's can do. We are striving to be more accommodating but being all volunteer and having 100% of the funds going where they should we will always be limited. 

After last years event we asked participants to submit complaints and suggestions for next years event. We hope this is satisfactory and we hope to have your support in the future. 

I didn't notice it at the time, but my zipper was broken on my shirt, can I get a new one?

Yes, of course. We would be happy to replace any item as long as we have them in stock. If we don't have them in stock and you are willing to work with use, we can order a new one for you on our next Saveavet clothing order. 

Can I exchange my swag for a different size?

Yes, after everyone has checked in we would be happy to exchange it in for you. this is on a first come first serve basis while supplies last. 

I was pre-registered by the deadline, so therefore I received a full goodie bag, but my friend missed the date. While she was registered on-line before the date, paid extra money than I and was given nothing the day of the event. I understand that you had to pre-order, etc. but they should still receive something. She didn't even get a finisher medal or string bag. I am a runner and have been to plenty of races and EVERY finisher should receive a medal. As to the pullovers - since they were charged more to run the course, you should have placed an additional order if they wanted a pullover since the funds were already received. We understand that the money is truly a donation, but $55 to come to a run and get nothing.There's a few in here but that's good, it just helps us address many questions at once.  

  • The finisher medals we order are top quality, custom order and very expensive. We also have to order these months in advance. This is where having 100% of the proceeds going to the charity makes it harder. We cannot afford to purchase extra medals and than have them go to waste if someone isn't registered by the cutoff date. The larger companies that run these other races typically have dozens of races with the same name across the country. For them to order in such large bulk not only makes it less expensive but not a problem since they will just use them at following races. In addition  they tend to use the same medal every year with an engraving of the year again making it doable to order extras. We change our every year in memory of a fallen comrade both 2-legged and 4-legged.

  • As for the pullover, its pretty much the same as above. We have to order them in advance. If we have 12 people register late and want a pullover between rush printing charges and shipping charges we would lose a great deal of funds.

  • In our defense, they did get to participate, they did get a complimentary lunch, there was music till well after midnight so anyone who comes out to support never walks away with nothing. 

It would have been nice to receive an email about 3 days before the race giving all pertinent race information.

This is something we have learned from and will definitely be doing next year. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. 

Do you offer pre-race packet pickup.

Yes, thanks to your suggestions we will be moving forward. Take a look at When and Where for dates, times and locations.

Can you put up better signage?

Yes, from now on there will be paw prints on the pavement for you to follow. We will also mark out the course and give you a heads up on water station and doggie break areas. 

Will Post Race Food be provided?

Yes and No. there is food available to be ordered through the restaurant but the only way we could provide food would be with a sponsor or to charge a higher entrance fee. We are working on getting a sponsor for a post race buffet and we will keep you posted if anything changes. 

Have you thought about chip timers?

We have but we want to keep this more of a family event. When you get into chip times people tend to become more competitive. We want this to stay family orientated. 

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