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As a 5k Dog Dash Ambassador, you can help represent the organization, event and the veterans it helps. Reach out to running communities, help spread the word on social media and help engage new supporters and volunteers. 

Whether your a professional runner or

casual participant, we need your help. We need businesses to support our Service Dog Run, We want universities involved, reach out to your friends, make new ones. Imagine, with everyone coming together for such great causes the positive impact we can make on our community together. 

Listed here are flyers, postcards and other media promoting all aspects of the event. Please, feel free to post on social media, print and hang up at work and drop off at your local gym, grocery store and businesses. 

If your interested in getting more involved please check out our volunteer page and drop us a line. With Saveavet being a 100% volunteer organization we could not do this without you. Thank you for your support and see you at the races. 

Become an Ambassador

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