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Saveavet takes Military & Law Enforcement working dogs deemed unsuitable for adoption by their agencies for a number of reasons including health, training and work history. We then place them on secured facilities owned by Saveavet throughout the country and hire disabled veterans that meet our special criteria to live with and care for these other forgotten soldiers. Saveavet DOES NOT take any animals from civilians. All Saveavet dogs come directly from agencies ONLY.

Saveavet is constantly building and expanding to help more 2-legged and 4-legged veterans. 

Since Saveavet is 100% volunteer with no government funding this takes time and volunteers. If you are interested in helping with current projects, please feel free to contact Saveavet by clicking here.


Currently Saveavet is in need of people in the building trades in their current project located in Peru, Indiana, where they are building a 14,000 square foot property that will house up to 21 disabled veterans and 25 retired K9's.

To Learn more about this great organization or to make a donation of time, talent or treasure, please visit their website at

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